Our annual Roman Banquet!  The big Latin event for third quarter (or for the whole year)!
Your chance to try food cooked according to ancient recipes and have fun with your Latin class friends outside of class.

cibus Romanus

Date:  Saturday, February 25
Time:  5:00 to 7:00 pm  (cooks will need to show up earlier, of course)
Place:  Get a map from Magistra when you sign up & pay
Cost: $5.00  (My husband finds great bargains, but food still costs something!)  If the cost is a hardship, see me after class.
Extra credit:  Your biggest opportunity for extra credit for 3rd quarter!

Cena Romana information for parents: Cena information.pdfThe dates need updating, but the rest is the same.

You'll want to dress the part, of course. You don't need a toga, but you do need a tunic.  We'll briefly discuss Roman clothing in class, but you can also check out these links on ancient clothing:

General information about Roman clothing:how to make a toga (and other Roman clothing)

Lots more links about Roman clothing:http://www.costumes.org/history/100pages/ROMANLNX.HTM


Making a toga (ignore most YouTube videos; they are making Animal House togas, not Roman togas):http://www.novaroma.org/nr/Toga_%28Nova_Roma%29

How to put on a toga (a toga, not a sheet!):††††††† http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aFibgeJTVU

And if you lost the how-to-make-a-tunic sheet I handed out in class: tunic††††††

(Not a pretty handout, I agree. But it works.One of these days Iíll find the time to redraw it and make it look better.)

Globi, a k a Roman donut holes